Understanding the Value of Your IP Address

When thinking about your businesses, you tend not to think about the importance of your IP address and why it’s vital to check your IP. However, your IP address is significant for many reasons. With a variety of distinctive classes, each a different address range, it’s vital to understand what your IP does and how it affects your ability to construct business.

What Is an IP Address?

IP stands for internet protocol. Your IP address is a numerical tag given to every computer or device connected to the internet. Your IP address belongs to only your device, which is used every time you check your email, go on social media, or any other internet related task. Anything that has to do with your local network is used through your IP address. For basic understanding, just think of your IP address as your actual home address. The first part of your address helps show which country/area you’re in; it allows you to connect yourself to the internet the way your home address connects you for mailing in the real world.

IPv4 V.s IPv6

Networking systems need your internet protocol address to send and receive information online. However, there are five different classes with an IPv4 address. Each IPv4 is simplified into four octets (bytes). They can be anywhere from 0 to 255. IPv4 is the leading internet protocol, and IPv6 is constructed to one day take over IPv4.

Different Classes of Your IP

The IP classes range from Class A to Class B. They have different address ranges and support a different number of hosts. For example, Class A has an address range of 1.0.01 to and supports 16 million hosts on each of 127 networks. In contrast, Class E has an address range of to and is reserved for future use or research and development purposes.

Private vs Public IP

There are both public and private IP addresses. Private IPs typically don’t change and are a set address that is used for corporate or local networks. Private and public are different in the sense that public internet protocol addresses change often. This particular IP is used to send and receive information. For example, if your company needs an online virus scan or an audit of any kind, your IP is used to receive that information.

Importance of an IP Checker

In order to connect with other companies problem-free, whether you’re connecting about a potential opportunity or receiving pertinent information, your IP address is a vital tool that allows you to communicate via the internet. To increase your company’s traffic, you must ensure your IP is running smoothly. Therefore, tools such as our “What is My IP,” “IP Location,” and “Domain IP Lookup” is a helpful resource.

Knowing Your IP Provides You an Advantage

The primary reason to check your IP would be for security reasons. Due to the damage hackers and IP grabbers can accomplish, it’s important to get ahead of the game any way you can. For businesses, one of the more common reasons would be to ensure the quality of your backlinks. If your backlinks are from sites using identical IP addresses, the value of your backlinks will decrease. IP addresses are also extremely beneficial to know if you’re having trouble with your connection or computer. Giving a tech company your IP address will allow them to assist you in times of crisis better.

How Domains Relate to IP Addresses

IP addresses are essentially the domain name in a numerical tag. Websites are hosted on a server, and an IP address allows computers to find where your website’s information exists. Knowing your IP address can help you troubleshoot problems with your website to make sure your information is reaching customers and converting traffic into sales.


IP addresses grant other systems to identify yours. Whether the function is network interface identification or location addressing, your internet protocol address is a vital element to understand. It’s essential to check your IP address and have a basic understanding of the different classes.

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