Build Your Digital Presence With the Correct Backlinks

Backlinks are an important element for SEO in terms of building credibility and exposure for your company’s website. This is basically when another website links your company on their site. If you were to link another company’s webpage to yours, you’re providing that company with a backlink. As apart of the off-site SEO strategy, there are various ways to gain credible followed backlinks and ways to avoid harming your website with spam backlinks.  

Explore Different Backlinking Options

You can either create the backlinks yourself, earn them by utilizing SEO strategies, or build them through networking with other similar companies. Simply creating quality content with the right keywords to better boost your rankings and allowing customers to discover your website is a more organic way of building backlinks. However, you also have the option of manually adding links to your company’s website or using your connections in hopes of finding similar site owners who are willing to add a link to your website. The more established the company is, providing you with a backlink will likely result in higher referral traffic. However, it is important to note that all backlinks, followed or otherwise, can still significantly impact your business if given by the right source. 

Quality Backlinks Make All the Difference

By gaining more backlinks for your company, you’re bettering your website’s overall performance. You’re not only receiving the exposure your company needs, but you’re essentially building your brand. Every credible company that links to your website shows others that you have websites that believe your services or products are worthy of their mention. The search engine algorithm goes back to already trusted sites to check for new links, which is why a popular site essentially vouching for your company is great for business.

Good Vs. Spam Backlinks

Backlinks of any kind doesn’t mean good news for your SEO. You must ensure your backlinks are coming from a trusted site in order to make any difference in your rankings. Too often, inexperienced advertising companies or business owners think that all backlinks are a good thing. However, backlinks from foreign sites, link directories, bot comments, and other devalued sites can end up hurting your SEO rather than helping it. These are called Spam backlinks.

Avoid Hurting Your Companies Reputation;

Avoid Spam Backlinks  

The difference between good vs. spam backlinks is what it says to Google about your company. Spam backlinks show search engines that your website content cannot stand on its own; instead, it needs help from unreliable sources in hopes to better your SERP. To ensure your efforts are not wasted on damaging backlinks, our Local Search Tools can help your company create the quality backlinks it needs to succeed.


Knowing the value of each backlink is important, so you don’t waste your company’s time gaining backlinks that will only harm your image. Focusing on the authority and related content that the company has is going to impact what you gain from that particular backlink.

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