Working With the Domain Name System

The Domain Name System (DNS) is often referred to as the phonebook of the Internet. It has all of the names of websites (URLs) and their corresponding IP addresses. If you want to find specific domain names or records, you can look them up in the DNS.

Domain Name System as an Online Map Network

The DNS is a database that links host URLs to IP addresses, which creates a mapping network. This network is important because it is a distributed database, which means that each server has its own bit of information that can look up DNS servers that host specific records and the correlating IP address.

How Does DNS Work?

DNS might not appear to be very useful because the Internet, as we know it, has always needed it as an integral background element in order to function. The importance of DNS lies mainly in what applications are possible because of DNS. Applications such as the World Wide Web (WWW), forms of instant messaging, and email are only possible because of the network map embedded in the DNS. Navigating the online sphere would be much more difficult if DNS hadn’t made it so user-friendly.

What Will DNS Do for Your Website?

What It Already Does:

Because most sites already rely on the DNS for reaching other users and making communication possible, your site already uses DNS for users to view your page and for potential clients to be able to contact you. If you do not have domain hosting services, or if your domain host does not provide a static IP address for you, you will need to create an A record to point at the IP address of your server to have a presence on the World Wide Web.

How to Use the Find DNS Records Tool:

The use of this tool is very straightforward and effortless. Simply enter your domain name (URL) in the search field and click “submit.” This tool will then return DNS records, like host, class, IP address, and more. You can then use those records to ensure that your site is active and functional. You can try this with as many domain names as you’d like.

What Find DNS Records is Good For:

When you use the Find DNS Records tool, you can expect to find and identify any issues with your site. If your entry returns an unsatisfactory result, you know that it’s time to troubleshoot the issue. With the DNS providing a clear source as the root cause of your issue, you will be able to devote attention to resolving that particular issue. This tool is primarily diagnostic, but there are several practices to protect and preserve your local DNS server.

How SEO Services from Native Rank Can Help

As experts in the industry, Native Rank SEO specialists are familiar with the DNS and the many ways to use it to the advantage of our clients. Not only do we provide reliable hosting services with dependable IPs, but we also have protected DNS servers to minimize problems. Not to mention, we are always invested in providing the best quality sites and will be the first to know and troubleshoot if any issues arise.

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