Understand Your Site in Correlation to Your Competitions With Alexa Rankings

Not many businesses focus on the importance of Alexa rankings and their reflection of a site’s popularity. However, Alexa rankings can be a beneficial tool for competitive analysis. The rankings are significantly different than what you may be used to. Alexa rankings typically concentrate on the last three months of a business’s success, and the lower your ranking is, the better your company looks.

How Does Alexa Rankings Work?

Focusing on the estimated web traffic and visitor engagement, Alexa Rankings gathers data from their toolbar, which oversees internet user browsing patterns. However, it’s important to note that the algorithm may not be as accurate as, say, Google Analytics. Since every internet user doesn’t use the Alexa toolbar, the tracking algorithm may be off, as shown on some statistical analysis reports.

Don’t Settle for the Quick Results

No matter where you look, some companies will always try to manipulate their rankings to appear popular and credible. However, by artificially tricking Alexa’s algorithm into deeming your company’s website popular, you’re opting for the short term success that is sure to fail in the long run. Not to mention, it’s a bad option for your UX (user experience). You want to avoid bombarding your users with various links just to get to their intended webpage. Luckily, Alexa’s algorithm recognizes if a single user looks at the same website multiple times a day, still counting the visitor as one.

Strategies to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

There are genuine ways to enhance your Alexa Rankings. By simply constructing captivating and quality content consistently and increasing respectable backlinks, you can make your way to the top of Alexa’s rankings. Sharing your content and installing add ons, such as the Alexa Rank Browser extension, can also benefit your current strategy.

Voice Search Optimization

While Alexa rankings are separate from Amazon’s virtual assistant, there is some crossover, like with voice search. There are three significant ways Amazon users look up local companies through voice search assistants such as Alexa:

  • Knowledge
  • Discovery
  • Direct

A knowledge search entails an individual looking for specific answers that your company may help provide them with. By building your expertise in a certain field, you’re more likely to gain their trust. Therefore, it’s likely for potential customers to reach out to your company when they need your skillset or products. Discover is when customers are looking for local businesses, and direct searches are when an individual inquires specified information about a particular company.

Ensure Your Data Is Calculated  

Alexa’s voice search queries are a great way to optimize your company. It’s important to know just how. Ensuring your business listings are claimed and optimized through local search results will allow Alexa to use that data, and you won’t have to use the data management tool, better known as YEXT.

Utilize Voice Assistants to Provide Your Company Exposure

Knowing how customers are using their voice assistants and where helps you understand how you can better your strategy for improving your Alexa Ranking. In a 2018 study, it was said that 74 percent of individuals used their voice search command to look for a local business every week. With the statistics being so high and only increasing over the past few years, it’s important to note that a large number of your customers may be finding your business through Alexa Rankings.


To better understand your own company and your competition, Alexa rankings are a vital tool to use. By honing in on the web traffic companies within your field, you can better strategize how you earn customers, increasing your revenue and bettering your UX.

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