GPT-3 and Your Website Content

How will you adapt your SEO to AI-Generated Content?

Did you know that artificially-generated content permeates social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook? Did you know that there is plausible evidence suggesting this AI content was created by foreign agencies with aims to deliberately poison our American worldviews? Did you know that in 2016, AI content has slipped through undetected by teams of human editors and has been published on news outlets? 

The newest development in AI software is called GPT-3 (generative pre-trained transformer), and it can produce well-written text for coding, news articles, poetry, and tweets. On the surface, GPT-3 seems benign; the software works in a way that’s already familiar to most of us.

In 2015, Apple launched “predictive” texting. This iOS software learns from our interactions with our contacts. It tracks and interprets how we respond to our messages by looking at our conversations and adapting its algorithm to then create and suggest possible responses. As we use it, the software tweaks its predictability model to suggest a response we would most likely write ourselves. It looks for patterns in our responses, considers our capability for prose, and carefully crafts “predicted” texts based on a combination of its algorithm and our input.

AI-generated content has come a long way from it’s predictive model.

Apple’s “predictive” texting is a taste for how AI can mitigate our conversations. GPT-3, however, is far more capable at creating freakishly good original articles on a variety of topics across countless mediums.

If you need a line of code, GPT-3 can create a near-perfect snippet. Do you need a new idea for your PHIL102 paper? GPT-3 can help. Writer’s block? GPT-3 has the ability to push your ideas into new directions and give you new insight.

For SEO, fresh content is almost always desirable to keep your website strong. Clear content can help your website rank and promote a positive user-experience. Consistently updating your website by hand might be tricky, and it’s tough to create “new” content, consistently, and at a good volume. Depending on your specialization and website content, you may want to dabble with AI-generated content.

If your SEO practice consists of carefully crafted content with optimized keywords, you could look into upgrading your SEO practice with AI content. We provide tools on our website to help you create AI-generated content. 

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Jakub Niedzwiecki

Jake’s SEO career began in 2018. He has worked with and developed unique strategies for over 100 companies. He cannot say with certainty that his English degree from Colorado State University helps or hinders his SEO style, but it at least taught him to type fast and think with prose, style & user-experience. In his free time, Jake likes to read contemporary fiction.

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