Putting People Before Persona

Recent research shows that 73% of consumers are more interested in a brand or product after seeing an ad that is related to what they were shopping for. This information is critical to understanding the consumer in today’s oversaturated markets.

People First, Prospects Second

Often, we’re told to segment our audience, build personas for them, and keep an eye on behavior. However, in the rush to cultivate the perfect persona to increase conversions, it’s easy to forget that our audiences and potential customers are people first, prospects second. With the marketing tools of today, it has never been easier to use hard data points to inform marketing decisions. The fact that most people are more likely to be aware of your brand if you serve them relevant ads means it’s more important than ever to not only collect this granular data but interpret it in meaningful ways.

What to Do With the Data

Arguably, what’s more important than the tools, is the ability to draw actionable conclusions without sacrificing the integrity of your audience. It can be easy to inform your marketing with any of the tools available. However, knowing how to implement the data tactfully is a skill set that is just as — if not more — critical to conversion than raw data alone.

With all the data floating around, especially when it comes to where and when we serve our ads, it’s easy to lose sight of the person behind the persona. While you won’t always be perfect, and you don’t have to fundamentally change your approach every time, it’s important to remember that by critically understanding the behavior of our ideal customers, we can increase conversion.  

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